The Benefits of Unplugging

Guest Post by Rebecca Temsen of Self-Development Secrets 

The first thing that is likely to come to our mind when we hear the word technology is the world of gadgets and electronic systems. It is not entirely accurate as technology could be more precisely defined as the driving force behind the successful functioning of these electronic items.

There’s a high percentage of technology lovers because it always keeps changing and people like to stay up to date with the latest advancements. But for others, technology is too fast to keep up with. Because of these reasons, technology has gained mixed perceptions from people belonging to different fields across the globe.

Many people use technology to create extra sources of income while some use it as just a way to kill spare time. But one positive aspect of it is the fact that there could be an infinite amount of knowledge in all the fields that could be attained. It was not possible before the technology revolution.

Technology and People

If we look at the positive aspects, there are infinite ways technology could benefit people. All the substantial involvement of manual efforts in the past have now been replaced by automated systems that could do the same job in less time and with higher efficiency.

Technology has resulted in the creation of so many freelancing jobs that anyone anywhere in the world could do it from the comfort of their homes. All they need is a computing device and a high-speed internet connection. And the competition in this space is just growing exponentially.

There is no industry today that hasn’t integrated technology into their day to day business operations. Whether you look into healthcare, aviation, automobile or e-commerce, technology has only brought people together in accomplishing common goals.

Some of the Downsides

“Even the technology that promises to unite us, divides us. Each of us is now electronically connected to the globe, and yet we feel utterly alone.” ― Dan Brown, Angels & Demons

Although it has been a boon to humanity, there are still tasks that could not be achieved using technology. For instance, human behavior and different modes of communication is a perfect example where technology hasn’t had a lot of success.

It has led to fewer people to people interactions and more online interactions, unlike the days in the past. It also had some effects on the relationships as people are hooked to their computers or smartphones most of the time during the day.

Benefits of Getting Unplugged

• The first thing you are likely to notice is that you got plenty of time than before at your disposal. You could utilize this time to do things that make you happy, spend time with your loved ones, develop new hobbies and more. You could even use it as some ‘me-time’ to relax.

• It could be surprising but being unplugged from technology has definite health benefits. You are likely to do more physical activities rather than just spending time on your phone. You would become more fit, less lethargic and avoid detrimental issues including those related to depression.

• When you are not plugged into the internet, you could go back to the old times, pick up a book and start reading. Not only would it help you think better, but would also give you a feeling of relaxation. 

• Access to the internet and social media has made us more attuned to what’s going on in other people’s lives. This has led to issues related to lower self-confidence, especially when you see other people’s achievements and successes. Of course, people usually post the good things and avoid the sensitive things. All of this could be avoided by shutting yourself off of technology.

• It could even help you physically. You would have more time to workout and get back in shape. You could also use the time to involve in activities like jogging and hiking, go on a walk, appreciate nature and feel good about everything around you.

• You also get to interact with people in person and not online. Online socializing has become a trend these days, and sometimes you get to meet with people who might not be so friendly. Taking yourself off of internet would help you create fun memories with friends and family.

Balance to Stay Grounded

As technology offers many benefits, you do not need to shut yourself off of it every now and then. Being disconnected to it once in a while would help you appreciate things around you and keep you grounded. It could also help you improve your focus on things and make you happier than before.

Thank you for this awesome guest post, Rebecca! Check out Rebecca’s super helpful blog about Self-Development and her longer treatment of this subject at Benefits Of Unplugging From Technology


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