The Courage to Be Yourself: Susan Caba

She's written nonfiction books. She's been published in the New York Times. She's written short, serious pieces and social media posts that make me belly laugh. In fact, Susan Caba can write about anything, the most boring topics imaginable, and make them compelling. Her writing looks simple. Its looks like it was easy putting those words together. Oh how I envy that. I've noticed how Susan sometimes forgets the gift she possesses: making good writing look easy. Perhaps she, like her readers, focuses on the smooth-flowing end product, … [Read more...]

“DAMN! I am the expert. And it feels great.” by Susan Caba

The notice on my freelance writing site said an agent was looking for a business expert to write a book on leadership. I had recently ghosted a business book (Break Points: Where Businesses Get Stuck) and I needed a new assignment. I decided to look over my publications and see if I could muster enough evidence to convince someone that I was a business writer. I’ve been interested in leadership and management for thirty-some years, in a casual way. Some of my newspaper friends were editors and we would often dissect their business knots. I … [Read more...]

Writing in the Heart, Head, Mouth Zone

If you would not be forgotten, as soon as you are dead and rotten, either write things worth reading, or do things worth the writing."- Benjamin Franklin I do a lot of writing. Between this blog, my book-in-progress, assessments, plans and reports for clients, and seemingly endless email, writing is a big part of my life. If it weren't for a writing scholarship, I wouldn't have been able to pay for law school. The truth is, writing comes hard for me. Most days, the 'why am I doing this' question pops into my mind. Sometimes it stays for … [Read more...]

Focus, Persistence, and Falling Off The Ladder

Late last week I fell off a ladder. Don’t worry, I’m okay now. I was writing away on my book… Well that’s a lie, a tiny fib really. Here’s the truth. I was sitting at my computer staring at the last paragraph I’d written for the book I’m finishing, The Flight Patterns of Superwomen, praying the next halfway decent sentence would come soon. After about one hour and forty-eight minutes of staring at the last words I'd strung together, I realized that stuck near the top of a tree outside my window were what appeared to be the remnants of … [Read more...]

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