Conquer the Fear of Fear: Anne Perschel

Today’s Fearless Female Forum spotlight shines on Dr. Anne Perschel, president and founder of Germane Consulting. Anne is an organizational psychologist and leadership coach with a sub-specialty in women's leadership. Executives who lead company-wide diversity initiatives work with Anne to address cultural issues and unconscious gender bias. She also coaches women (and men) to realize, and enjoy, their greatest potential. Beyond Anne’s educational credentials and the amazing business results she gets with high tech and other corporate … [Read more...]

Sharing Herstories

"For most of history, anonymous was a woman." -Virginia Woolf I'm thrilled to see signs of spring but saddened to see the end of U.S. Women's History Month. I learned a lot this month and hate to see all the women's stories lose visibility afforded us during March. What did I learn? The bad news. My 19 years+ of formal education failed me miserably when it comes to learning about extraordinary American women. Heck, I minored in history in undergraduate school! Yet it seems that textbooks (at least the ones I was assigned to read) included … [Read more...]

U.S. Ranks #1 in Gender Equality

Imagine waking up tomorrow to the fact that the U.S. ranks #1: the world leader in gender equality. Okay, its not true, the U.S. doesn't rank #1 in gender equality. But what if it did... What does your daily life look like? What’s different about how you and other American women live? How is your family doing? What does gender equality mean for your home, your neighborhood, your community, your state, and the nation? How much impact does U.S. gender equality have on the income you earn over your working lifespan? What … [Read more...]

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