Sharing Herstories

"For most of history, anonymous was a woman." -Virginia Woolf I'm thrilled to see signs of spring but saddened to see the end of U.S. Women's History Month. I learned a lot this month and hate to see all the women's stories lose visibility afforded us during March. What did I learn? The bad news. My 19 years+ of formal education failed me miserably when it comes to learning about extraordinary American women. Heck, I minored in history in undergraduate school! Yet it seems that textbooks (at least the ones I was assigned to read) included little about how women have struggled and triumphed, shaping events and soaring throughout time in the U.S. The good news. I feel enriched and emboldened after focusing on the "herstory" that makes America. And, my head and heart tells me that learning and sharing women's stories is vital to our nation. herstory Definition of HERSTORY: herstory; specifically :  history considered or presented from a feminist viewpoint or with special attention to the experience of women Meanwhile, a snarky contributor to the Urban Dictionary offers this: "Naturally, any person who is even a tad more than illiterate will realize that the word … [Read more...]

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