Quit Waiting for Approval: Cindy Hooker

Please tell Cindy Hooker she can't do something. She'll dig deep, learn more, and find the inner strength to push herself. Once a high school drop-out with an uncertain future, Hooker joined the U.S. Navy and became the first in her family to graduate from college. While she says she's struggled with self-confidence--even into adulthood--one thing that almost always boosts her courage: When people have told me not to do something or that I could not do something, I generally do it, and most of the time, I am successful." Today, the Navy veteran holds a master's degree and multiple coaching certifications. Cindy uses her coach training and 20+ years of experience in Human Resources at Gold Dog Consulting. Gold Dog specializes in bringing human-focused solutions to leaders who want truly thriving workplaces. No stranger to difficult situations--Hooker has survived layoffs, leadership ethical breaches, and workplace mayhem--she welcomes the chance to bring her unique empathy to people and companies struggling to overcome tough challenges. In particular, Cindy says she deeply understands it when her clients struggle with self-confidence since she's been there too. "My … [Read more...]

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