I’m a Fearless Female and You Can Be Too: Sharon Ann Magnus

Sharon Ann Magnus, " I AM a Fearless Female and you can be too." Sharon Ann Magnus shares herstory of losing a legal battle but winning the war for herself, her truth, and her future as a Fearless Female.  It takes courage to challenge a misogynistic, culturally dysfunctional and destructive working environment. Sharon writes that the battle left her isolated and bullied out of a position that she was passionate about: serving as a Specialist Crime Trainer. Sharon's Herstory I was a decorated and long-standing passionate detective. I taught Serious Sexual Offences and safeguarding issues to many officers and police staff. I relished teaching but when I disclosed my own childhood abuse, (I had decided to enter into a legal process against my childhood abuser in another Force), the treatment I experienced at the hands of my male supervisors and others in my organization left me and my family devastated. Ridiculed with pictures of witches, references to broom sticks and innuendo not fitting or professional by two male police supervisors (they also discussed their wives, girlfriends in demeaning fashions and other woman were discussed as mere pieces of sexual meat for … [Read more...]

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