Calling All Fearless Females: Spotlight on YOU!

Fearless Females... One of my goals for 2015: spotlighting & advancing women through a monthly “Fearless Females Forum” feature blog post, a showcase for inspiring women who found the courage to meet their calling, solve a problem, overcome odds, or take a road less traveled. Wish I could take credit for this idea, but like most great ideas it is inspired by someone else’s work: Ann Quasman at Woman Talk Live. Last year, the amazing Ann shined a spotlight on me in her WomenTalkLive5: Meet Jone Bosworth. I absolutely love how Ann lifts women’s voices and stories out in this powerful way. (Hats off Ann—hope you feel that imitation is the greatest form of flattery, my friend!) On December 8th, the terrific Traci Johnstone allowed me to post her story to test out this Fearless Females Forum concept. Traci’s story got an incredible response on social media, inspiring hundreds: Tarnish to Triumph: Traci Johnstone. (Many thanks, Traci, you're fearless!) You don't have to be a CEO. You may not even consider yourself "fearless." But YOU have a story to tell and guidance to offer too. Want some inspiration? Here are links to the first Fearless Females features through … [Read more...]

Laughing Helps Us Process Very Bad Boss Experiences

Do you have a special person in your life that no matter what is going on, no matter if it may actually be really rotten, you and that person laugh uproariously together about it? I know I do: “M.” For over 25 years, “M” has been a key member of my Manchu, my chosen family. Despite the fact that we’ve gotten ourselves into quite a few pickles together and separately over the years, there’s something about our friemistry (friend+chemistry) that causes us to burst-out laughing together. Once we nearly died on the Icicle River in Washington State. When we learned that tubing companies refused to go out on the river due to conditions, we found one that did and promptly (okay, crazily) went out on the freezing river. I won’t go into detail but suffice to say, we still laugh-til-we-cry about that hypothermia-get-the-fire-crew-rescue-other-tubers-lose-our-shoes-and-nearly-drown experience. We shivered for several days after this death-defying but laughing sure did help warm us up. Well, thank goodness for M because we also shared a very bad boss once. A very sad, very bad boss story Our shared boss was repeatedly informed about employees’ safety concerns. He authorized no … [Read more...]

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