Paying Attention

It is hard to decide what to pay attention to these days. Even as you glance as this post, you may be checking Facebook, jotting your “to-do” list, or otherwise splitting your thoughts and intentions with numerous competing forces – many, perhaps, of the technology-driven kind. I get it. Despite my firm belief that “show up and be present” leads to better relationships and a more fulfilling life, I find myself struggling daily with the blurring of boundaries and ample competing noise that interferes with my intent to live more … [Read more...]

Stop Fixing, Coach

  "The world is awash in fixers,” writes Jill Geisler in her deceptively simple book, Work Happy: What Great Bosses Know. Fixer defined: people bring you problems and you offer solutions. Does this sound familiar in your professional or personal life? It smacked me in the face. I pride myself in being empathetic. I hate seeing someone else painfully struggle. Go ahead and giggle with me, I literally dream of having a magic wand that solves most of the world’s problems. And, truth is, I’m pretty darned great at solving hairy problems. The … [Read more...]

Mainstreet Women: What We’re Proud Of & Wish Every Girl in America Could Experience Too

I want girls to feel fearless and have hopes and dreams that they can change the world in any way they want to. Rather than self-loathing, I want them to have self-love. If so many girls hate themselves, feel fat, don’t like their noses – all those messages they get from the media – if girls could be self-accepting and have self-love as a core, girls could rule the world." Beth, MS As 2012 comes to a close, ask yourself:  What would happen if you made it a priority to share with girls one thing you’re really proud of and want them to … [Read more...]

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