Lead Yourself First

Guest post by Susan Caba The ancient Greeks said it first: “Know Thyself.”  That timeless piece of advice was inscribed on the Temple of the Oracle at Delphi, and it’s been the basis of philosophical, psychological and self-help theories ever since. Most great leaders know themselves--their strengths, weaknesses and motivations--very well. Their self-awareness contributes to their effectiveness as leaders. Why? Because in order to lead others, you must be able to lead yourself. Self-leadership only comes with self-knowledge. It gives you … [Read more...]

Maya Angelou: A phenomenal woman…

Leaves a legacy and many lessons By Susan Caba Maya Angelou, poet, author and phenomenal woman, died earlier this week. I realized, when I heard the news,  that I really knew very little about her. I had read only her best-known book, “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings.” So, with her distinctive voice echoing through the house in tributes to her passing, I Googled the poems I was hearing for the first time on the radio. What an eye-opener they were, especially “Phenomenal Woman.” That poem should be given to every girl on her 12th … [Read more...]

Showing Up Hungry?

I had an uncomfortable experience recently when, through the grapevine, I learned that a professional contact had mentioned to mutual colleagues that I didn’t seem to be “hungry enough.” As sometimes happens (more often than I’d like) I reacted out of ego, “What? I show up hungry. I’m driven, I’m focused, I’m the hardest worker you’ll ever meet -- blah blah blah – how on earth could he think I’m not hungry?” My self-talk initially was pretty silly. I ran through a litany of all the things I’ve done to show up in the world hungry, like … [Read more...]

Spring Is the Perfect Time for Renewal, Self-Reflection

STOP.  PUT. YOUR.  PHONE. DOWN. I’m going out on a limb. I just googled leadership books and in .28 seconds 762,000,000 results popped up. I’ll bet you that every one of those books includes “Know Thyself” as the cornerstone to leading, that self-awareness and self-reflection are the keys to well-being and success. If you find one that doesn’t talk about knowing yourself, write me and I’ll wear a clown’s nose for a full day in public – I swear – I’ll take and post pictures to prove it. Whether you’re leading your busy life, leading a … [Read more...]

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