Reclaiming The One Thing We Can’t Live Without

Connection is the one thing we cannot live without. We crave it. We thrive when we have it and suffer when we don’t. That’s what I believe. Scientists, philosophers, and even prophets tend to agree. Last year, I got a surprise when a colleague asked me to pay her for a connection she’d made for me. Of course I realize that many business models rely on “referrals” for revenue-generation. But this request for a percentage of the business I completed took me off-guard, especially since I’d freely shared ideas, strategies, and work assistance … [Read more...]

Lead With Kindness: You’ll Get Better Results

What happens when we put kindness at the center of our leadership? There's plenty of hard evidence that kind leaders get better results. Emma Seppala, Ph.D, a Research Scientist at Stanford University and the Associate Director of the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education at Stanford University, details several studies in Being a Kind Boss Pays Off: A kind leader may actually be good for "followers" hearts. In fact, a study out of the Karolinska Institute conducted on over 3,000 employees found that a leader’s … [Read more...]

Want to Change? Shake Up Your Perceptions

Conceptual artist Leandro Erlich's work is brilliant and tricky. Like an optical illusion, Erlich's work creates perceptions that fool our eyes and our minds. Above in Batiment, Erlich forces us to fill in the details of something we don’t quite understand with things that we believe we already know. That's the funny thing about perceptions. We blink and assume, we fill in gaps to quickly make sense of life. Why is it so darn hard to change? Because our perceptions are our reality. Your Perceptions are Your  Reality In the 18th century, … [Read more...]

Advice is Like Kissing: 7 Muahs

“Advice is like kissing, it costs nothing and it’s a pleasant thing to do.” -George Bernard Shaw There's no shortage of internet advice. Look up any issue you might have, and tens of millions you don't, you can find more lip-smacking than you could ever read or need within a couple of clicks. Who are all these advice-givers? What's behind their advice? Often its hard to tell. I trust George Bernard Shaw's advice, something I feel certain he'd find incredibly amusing. Shaw is unique, extraordinary, and hilarious. An Irish playwright, … [Read more...]

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