To Hug or Not to Hug, Is That Really the Question?

Last week's U.S. National Hug Day raised a diversionary debate: to hug or not to hug in the United States. With 'hard' news continuing to take our collective breath away - like school shootings on what feels like a weekly basis - it seems the National Hug Day gave us a momentary reprieve, something else to fret about. Something that we may have a little personal control over. Or maybe not. "It is almost impossible to refuse a hug," writes Alexandra Petrini in the Washington Post, "except by running away. And if you do that often enough you stop being invited out."[1] Meanwhile, psychologist Peggy Drexler cautions women in particular, "There are some good rules about body-language and leadership: head tilts can look submissive. Touching your face shows insecurity. Too much nodding in agreement relinquishes power. Hugging, many argue, is covered by the same set of rules."[2] Drexler says that men who hug in professional situations might be considered "creepy." Horror of horrors, women who hug in the workplace may get the label "Office Mom." She advises that hugging is only appropriate in situations like a death, perhaps a wedding, or a side hug might be acceptable if you … [Read more...]

Holiday Hug!

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Reflections on Time Spent

As we move toward a new year, I love looking back over the one completed. Not a subscriber to Thoreau's "never look back unless you are planning to go that way," I try to figure out what I spent the most time reflecting upon. If I'd used some kind of cool app that monitored my 2013 thoughts (which thank goodness I didn't, because that's creepy, and thank goodness the NSA hasn't figured out a way to do this to us, or maybe they have, but I digress), I have to admit it:  I probably spent as much time thinking about myself as anything or anyone else! Gulp, it might be true. And, on the heels of my "Why I love George" post last week. A post, by the way, that talked about how amazing I think George Saunders is at reminding me that I'm not the center of the universe. But then, that's back to me again. American Time Use Taking a look at what data are collected by our government, (American Time Use survey,, I found that they do keep track of our time. At least if you have kids (which I do not). Or maybe there is a single person chart? But after 10 minutes of searching for the single person chart (come on, government, there are over 102 million 18 … [Read more...]


Today is International Day of Peace. Share a #PeaceHug!   … [Read more...]

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