Let Go to Move Forward: Nicole Dominique Le Maire

Let Go to Move Forward Riyadh. Jeddah. Damman. Does the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia seem like a hot spot for women-in-business workshops? Nicole Dominique Le Maire believes they are. She's off to Saudi Arabia soon to facilitate "Be Your Own Boss" sessions for women. Like so many other women fleeing corporate cultures, Nicole let go of the relative (she says "boring") comfort of the corporate world to start her own business, Human Resources Global. Within just two years, Nicole has gained a reputation as a highly valued leader within the human resources industry, a natural and intuitive people-connector. Born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Nicole is no stranger to taking courageous chances. To date, she's lived and worked in over 34 countries, including spending time as an exchange student in a tiny town within my U.S. home state, Nebraska. And, her dyslexia doesn't stop her. In 2014, Nicole says she felt more fearless than ever before when she co-authored The Female Leader: Empowerment, Confidence & Passion.  The Female Leader brings together 33 strategies that international women coaches, consultants, and leaders advocate we adopt to become exceptional leaders. … [Read more...]

Trust Your Instincts: Christina Lattimer

One of the coolest—most fearless—things about Christina Lattimer is that she lives her own advice: trust your instincts. Start a consultancy business based your own leadership model during the worst economic downturn of a century? Check. Build a global social community of like-minded "people development" souls? Check. Interview one of the most prominent business leaders (Sir Richard Branson) in the world? Check. Own up to making "every mistake in the book" as a leader, and devote yourself to giving others the benefit of what you learned. Check. Fear of failure, making mistakes, doesn't stop Christina. Today, she helps leaders develop confidence in their own inner guidance too. Her e.Mile People Development Magazine is a Top 100 Socially Shared Leadership Blog, and her e.MILE global community of people development experts grows daily. (e.MILE is an acronym for MOTIVATE: INSPIRE: LEAD: ENGAGE.) Christina is also recognized as a "Top 101 Leadership Speaker" in the United Kingdom. Fearless Females Forum:  5Cs with Christina Lattimer "Realize that everything you need is inside you...it is there, trust me." What’s the most courageous decision you've made? My … [Read more...]

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