3 Labor Day Honey-Dos

In the U.S., Labor Day weekend marks the end of summer. School begins, or gets fully into swing. Darkness comes earlier. Hopefully, temps cool. If you’re in the Midwest like me, you’re less likely to be sucked up in a tornado after Labor Day. Over Labor Day weekend, most of us steel ourselves for what’s to come, knowing we’ll work without a real break ‘til winter holidays. (Especially now that retail stores are open on Thanksgiving, but I’ll stop myself from going off a rant about that). Usually, we create a "Honey-Do" list for ourselves or for others, things that must get done this long weekend as it may be our last 3-day break until New Year's. This Labor Day, prepare strategically. Be intentional. Make time to do even one of these Honey-Dos and I guarantee your journey between now and winter holidays will be smoother. Follow all three Labor Day Honey-Dos and you’ll really soar! 1. Joy Jar: Not Just for Kids “Count your blessings.” While the phrase seems a bit antiquated today, something grandma told us, what if we literally did count the good things in our lives—those moments, even split seconds when we’re filled with gratitude? Research now tells us grandma was … [Read more...]

Giving Is Your Greatness

“It is the heart that does the giving; the fingers only let go.”— Nigerian saying Choosing "growing greatness" as a tagline for my business was intentional. But greatness can easily get distorted in our minds. Greatness sometimes seems synonymous with celebrity or fame, wealth or power. Greatness can become:  great job, great car, great house, or great bank account. Let me set the record straight. I want to you have all you need. I want you to be well and succeed. I want you to shine and soar. Yet greatness to me is not really about what you have or what you achieve: it's what you give. Interestingly, researchers have found that keeping our giving precise, narrow, focused on just one person rather than thousands or millions in need motivates us more. NPR reports on one great study, Why Your Brain Wants to Help One Child in Need But Not Millions, that illuminates why. As a gentle reminder that greatness isn't what you have but what you give, here are eight quotes from some of the world’s greatest givers, and a couple from little ol’ me (that I’m sure came from someone who gave me the ideas). Gentle reminders about your greatness.  Giving is the purpose of living. “No one … [Read more...]

Mainstreet Women’s Meaning-filled Lives: Giving & Proud of It

This week I received an inspiring note from our Mainstreet Sister Jeannie, NC:  “For 2013, my sister, Melinda, decided to start donating $10 a day to different charities to see what would happen. She is keeping a blog (URL below). While I am biased, I think that it is a lovely way to start the day and to maintain perspective. She is also looking for good causes, so feel free to send her names of charities!” Melinda's blog: http://causesandeffectmyyearofgivingdaily.blogspot.com/2013/01/january-1-2013-happy-new-year-welcome.html How cool is that? Melinda’s daily giving in 2013 got me thinking about how Mainstreet Women intuitively know:  giving, and role-modeling giving, creates more meaning in life. MAINSTREET WOMEN GIVE All across America, Mainstreet Women are giving. Many are living “sandwich” lives, caring for both elderly parents and grandchildren who are living with them. Many give professionally, working in fields where people are the focus:  teaching, midwifery, social services, and coaching. And, despite their busy lives, many Mainstreet Women give as volunteers! Just a few heart-stopping examples: Marybeth’s Detroit Area Diaper Bank … [Read more...]

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