Does It Matter That Girls Don’t Want To Be President?

What do you want to be when you grow up? Shortly after the 2012 U.S. general elections, pollsters asked kids specifically about growing up and getting one job:  president. Fifty-four percent of 12-17 year olds said they think they could be president – but 8 of 10 said they have no interest in the job. Boys are more apt than girls either to say that it's too much responsibility or too much work. Girls were 15 points more likely than boys to say they're not interested in the country's top job because of other career plans or a … [Read more...]

Being Breadwinner Means Gender Equality?

Awe struck. That’s how I feel about all that women in the U.S. are and do – one of the reasons for the book’s title:  The Flight Patterns of Superwomen. I asked 52 women in 36 states two questions about how they are experiencing life here in the U.S.: How do you feel that ‘Main Street' women are doing in the U.S. today? What would you tell people (any audience you wish) about being a woman in America today that might come as a surprise to them? Top Themes Women’s stories were each unique but the top 5 themes were easy to spot. Woman … [Read more...]

The U.S. Cannot Compete Without It’s Female Talent

Wonder how the U.S. lost billions in Iraqi reconstruction efforts? After 9 lessons learned reports (and over 80 convictions of U.S. citizens for fraud), it boiled down to one thing:  No one listened to the experts, the Iraqis.  We might just be slow learners because we're letting this play out across U.S. workplaces as women are leaving in droves and taking their education and talent with them. As 47% of the U.S. paid labor force and 60+% of current college graduates, losing the female talent pool should have CEOs' alarm bells across the … [Read more...]

International Women’s Day 2013: Remembering Women’s Rights Are Human Rights

In honor of International Women's Day, I'm sharing an excerpt from what remains one of my favorite speeches of all time:  Hillary Rodham Clinton "Women's Rights Are Human Rights" at the United Nation's 4th Annual Conference on Women in Beijing, China on September 5, 1995. If you'd rather watch/listen, you'll find the full speech at How have things changed for women in America since 1995? What about in the world? What "bold steps" have been taken? If you … [Read more...]

May You Dance! V-Day’s One Billion Rising: Violence Against Women

On Valentine's Day, expect ONE BILLION WOMEN and like-minded men to rise up and DANCE. On 14 February 2013, we are invited to join ONE BILLION women and those who love them to WALK OUT, DANCE, RISE UP, and DEMAND an end to violence against women. ONE BILLION RISING will move the earth, activating women and men across every country. Why? ONE IN THREE WOMEN ON THE PLANET WILL BE RAPED OR BEATEN IN HER LIFETIME. ONE BILLION WOMEN VIOLATED IS AN ATROCITY. ONE BILLION WOMEN & MEN DANCING IS A REVOLUTION! VIOLENCE AGAINST U.S. WOMEN … [Read more...]

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