Trust Your Instincts: Christina Lattimer

One of the coolest—most fearless—things about Christina Lattimer is that she lives her own advice: trust your instincts. Start a consultancy business based your own leadership model during the worst economic downturn of a century? Check. Build a global social community of like-minded "people development" souls? Check. Interview one of the most prominent business leaders (Sir Richard Branson) in the world? Check. Own up to making "every mistake in the book" as a leader, and devote yourself to giving others the benefit of what you … [Read more...]

I’m a Fearless Female and You Can Be Too: Sharon Ann Magnus

Sharon Ann Magnus, " I AM a Fearless Female and you can be too." Sharon Ann Magnus shares herstory of losing a legal battle but winning the war for herself, her truth, and her future as a Fearless Female.  It takes courage to challenge a misogynistic, culturally dysfunctional and destructive working environment. Sharon writes that the battle left her isolated and bullied out of a position that she was passionate about: serving as a Specialist Crime Trainer. Sharon's Herstory I was a decorated and long-standing passionate detective. I … [Read more...]

The Power to Build: Elena Balasa

At age 10, Elena Balasa’s father asked her what she’d do if their home in Romania burned down and she had nothing left. “I will be desperate and I will cry so hard,” Elena replied. “No,” her father said, “You will think of what you need to do so you can build a better house than before.” Starting over, metaphorically building a better house, is how Elena lives her life. Engineers, Elena and her "college sweetheart" husband began trying to immigrate legally to the U.S. in 1990—with no success. After becoming Canadian residents, in 2003 … [Read more...]

Be There for One Another: Samira Harnish

An Iraqi teenager, Samira Harnish came to the U.S. because of an arranged marriage. Struggling against bigotry and poverty, she earned a degree in Civil Engineering. After settling in Boise, Idaho, Samira got a job as a semiconductor manufacturing engineer; as a research and development engineer, she was integral to the development some of the most advanced memory products ever assembled. When she retired, Samira was in charge of storage node development at the largest domestic manufacturer of semiconductor memory. For Samira, serving her … [Read more...]

Quit Waiting for Approval: Cindy Hooker

Please tell Cindy Hooker she can't do something. She'll dig deep, learn more, and find the inner strength to push herself. Once a high school drop-out with an uncertain future, Hooker joined the U.S. Navy and became the first in her family to graduate from college. While she says she's struggled with self-confidence--even into adulthood--one thing that almost always boosts her courage: When people have told me not to do something or that I could not do something, I generally do it, and most of the time, I am successful." Today, the Navy … [Read more...]

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