Leaders Look Back for Inspiration to Go Forward

We read a lot about how leaders--especially women leaders--need to look forward, to hustle, to keep our feet constantly moving to gain greater equality, more success in the future. Today I'm in-couraging you to stop and look back, and to make it a habit to look back frequently. The reason? There are literally hundreds, likely tens of thousands, of extraordinary women leaders in U.S. (and all nations) past. Unfortunately, women weren't included in our textbooks. The National Women's History Museum  can help. Borrowing from the tagline for the U.S. National Women's History Project, the NWHM Facebook page is "Writing Women Back into History" every single day by highlighting women you've probably never heard of, women leaders who are certain to inspire you to be bolder, more courageous, as you take your next steps forward and support other women to advance too. Did you know that... On August 14, 1922, Lizzie Murphy played first base for the American All-Star game in Boston, becoming the first woman to play in a major-league game. Aviator and nuclear physicist Maggie Gee, born in 1923, was one of only two Chinese-American women in the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASPs) and … [Read more...]

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