Burn-the-Box: Julie Jakopic

Fearless Females Forum is a monthly showcase for inspiring women who found the courage to meet their calling, solve a problem, or take a road less travelled. Burn-the-Box Julie Jakopic, Founder of iLead Strategies, couldn't decide which box to fit into as a kid. An actor, a swimmer, and president of the world affairs club in high school, she felt welcome by peers in all three 'boxes,' yet always a little bit outside them too. She sensed that sticking to one box wasn't where she belonged—but how to play across boxes in our check-box comfortable world? “Living outside of boxes wasn’t always easy as a kid, but its great as an adult,” Julie says. From cosmetics to energy efficiency to human services, Julie's found success applying a courageous "forget thinking outside the box, burn-the-box" philosophy. To date, she's shared the stage with luminaries like President Obama and change agent Neale Donald Walsch, and focused her energy, insights and intellect connecting across and between adult-style boxes—private, public and non-profit sectors. Julie helps multi-sector leaders transcend “the crazy pervasive things that cross them all.” It takes courage to "burn-the-box" of … [Read more...]

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