Microsoft’s Karma Chameleon

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s "karma" comments at the recent Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing conference won't die down quietly: Women don’t need to ask for a pay raise because we can trust in meritocracy; the system will treat us fairly. Karma will take care of us. This reminds me of Boy George. Then, I get the giggles. If you’re too young or have better taste than to admit to knowing Boy George and Culture Club’s 1983 smash “Karma Chameleon,” here’s one verse: I’m a man without conviction. I’m a man who doesn’t know. How to sell a contradiction. You come and go. You come and go." Ample others are commenting on Nadella:  Lydia Dishman’s The Perfect Case Against Microsoft CEO’s Remark That Women Shouldn’t Ask for Raises is terrific. When I think there's not one more thing to say about Nadella, another insightful article crosses my path. Thanks to Nadella, important conversations have sparked and caught fire. In that spirit, let me share a Microsoft memory. Diversity Moment As a volunteer facilitator for a youth leadership program I was asked to write and share a “Diversity Moment,” a memory of a time when I felt different, or felt I was treated … [Read more...]

Mainstreet Women: Unpacking Main Street #2

Mainstreet Women Question #1: Tell me a little about where you live, your main street or what you consider main street to be. (Post 2 of 3) “My Main Street, where I thrive, is the village. I want Main Street to be a place where my daughter grows up knowing the mail person, the shop owners; a place where she is friends with the oldest neighbor and the youngest. That’s the Main Street I want and I’m tired of being so divided – I want us to reach out neighbor to neighbor.” (Stefani, MO)   I don’t know about you but I’ve been actively mindset shifting since Mainstreet Women shared their magic wand call for authentic dialogue, less divisiveness, and greater tolerance. Like Cindy in NJ said, “I’m an everyday Mainstreet Woman. I work, I pay my bills, I pay my taxes.” And, Mainstreet Women’s immense power (80-90% of consumer influence in our nation, 53% share of voters) opened my eyes to the fact that we can lead the change we want to see – not just in ourselves – in our nation. While our elected officials in DC made the rounds of Sunday pundit shows this morning to make sure we know it’s the other guy’s fault, I heard the fiscal cliff ticking time bomb on Main Street. What if … [Read more...]

Mainstreet Women Manifesto for Tolerance: Using Our Power to Make Change Happen

Main Street Question #9:  If you had a magic wand and could change one thing in the U.S. immediately, what would you change? (Post 1 of 2. 52 Mainstreet Women in 35 States & DC)                     #1: TOLERANCE:  MAINSTREET WOMEN CHANGE HOW WE TALK, THINK & INTERACT “With my wand I’d make dialogue happen again. I’m so tired of intolerance in so many ways. Can’t we just talk?” (Renata, NE) About 30% of Mainstreet Women voiced sadness and disgust that we’ve seemingly lost the ability to have conversations with one another on Main Street and in Congress. More than ending poverty, inequities or war, and even greater than our desire to feed our children, educate them and keep them safe, the most prevalent response had to do with us – we the people – our personal responsibility for how we talk, think and interact with one another. “I’d use my wand to do something that impacts everyone across the U.S., I’d create tolerance. Tolerance is something that we could all benefit more from, to open ourselves up and not be afraid of people who are different, who think or look different, to create communication without fear – create widespread tolerance, that’s what I’d do.” … [Read more...]

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