Mainstreet Women: Voices, Death by a Thousand Paper Cuts?

As I started writing about how Mainstreet Women define themselves, an article jumped out at me. The Kansas City Star newspaper – Mainstreet Women Paula and Julie’s home – reported History-making leaders are chosen for the Kansas Legislature.[i] The story had been picked up by, a daily that curates news stories about our government from across the U.S. The title made me curious enough to read further. The sub-headline:  “Ray Merrick is Johnson County’s first House speaker since 1982.” Then, sentence two:  “Susan Wagle is the … [Read more...]

Mainstreet Women: Unpacking Main Street #3

Mainstreet Women Question #1: Tell me a little about where you live, your main street or what you consider main street to be. (Post 3 of 3) Mainstreet Women I interviewed defined Main Street as place, people, and a philosophy. Women also described Main Street as a choice, a way to embrace diversity. And, women said its where passions, influence, and love join them together with others on this human journey. Whether hearing ourselves called Main Street initially puzzled, rankled or resonated, how about thinking of Main Street like … [Read more...]

Mainstreet Women Manifesto for Tolerance: Using Our Power to Make Change Happen

Main Street Question #9:  If you had a magic wand and could change one thing in the U.S. immediately, what would you change? (Post 1 of 2. 52 Mainstreet Women in 35 States & DC)                     #1: TOLERANCE:  MAINSTREET WOMEN CHANGE HOW WE TALK, THINK & INTERACT “With my wand I’d make dialogue happen again. I’m so tired of intolerance in so many ways. Can’t we just talk?” (Renata, NE) About 30% of Mainstreet Women voiced sadness and disgust that we’ve seemingly lost the ability to have conversations with one another on … [Read more...]

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