Get Schooled in Intergenerational Communication

Dude, I got schooled in intergenerational communication last week. Three times. LOL. Painful. Like you, dear readers, I’m a super busy and important person. I don’t really have time to learn so many new things in one week. #TooFunny Lesson 1: Talking is passé. “I don’t have any free time to make calls but I can check my FB messenger frequently.”—busy niece in her 20s Priding myself on being the coolest Aunt on the planet, I often get to communicate with the young people in my life in ways their parents cannot. I love that. When my sister … [Read more...]

Advice is Like Kissing: 7 Muahs

“Advice is like kissing, it costs nothing and it’s a pleasant thing to do.” -George Bernard Shaw There's no shortage of internet advice. Look up any issue you might have, and tens of millions you don't, you can find more lip-smacking than you could ever read or need within a couple of clicks. Who are all these advice-givers? What's behind their advice? Often its hard to tell. I trust George Bernard Shaw's advice, something I feel certain he'd find incredibly amusing. Shaw is unique, extraordinary, and hilarious. An Irish playwright, … [Read more...]

Teamwork in Glass Blowing, Work & Life

As a child, I wanted to make coloring books come alive. I dreamed of being an artist. As an adult, I have taken classes and made many attempts to create fine art. It wasn’t until this year that I found my medium – hot glass. And, little did I know that working with this magical hot liquid would be the experience that would bring teamwork vividly alive. Glass Blowing Teams Like business, glass blowing is filled with glorious inspiration and bitter setbacks. A glass blowing team can consist of two people or 11 people, depending on the … [Read more...]

The short-cut to getting to know your board

Straight out of undergrad I led a nonprofit and was mystified by my Board. I didn’t deeply know them and what made each of them tick. They didn’t really know one another (or me) either. This lack of deep ‘knowing’ impacted our relationship and sometimes led to: miscommunications, mistrust, and inaction.  Since then, I’ve sat on many Boards and worked as a consultant to help strengthen others. As Oprah would say, here’s what I know for sure… The short-cut to getting to know your board: 1. It’s all about the relationships! We all know this. … [Read more...]

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