Creative Creatures: 5 Questions You Must Answer

Got the creativity gene(s)? One thing I love about my coaching practice is that I am encircled by highly creative people. Creative Creatures’ minds race daily with terrific ideas for solving problems, bringing joy, igniting beauty, and making the world better for at least one other person, likely more. Trouble is, many of us don’t know how to convert our limitless creative ideas for books, for businesses, for birthing our amazing ideas into the world in tangible ways. And, without a partner in the process to bolster our courage, we may find … [Read more...]

From Stuck to Brioso

“I don’t think anyone would find me inspirational,” were the first words out of Julie’s mouth when I told her I wanted to share her career change story. “Hold on,” I sputtered, “don’t you realize I see you as heroic?” As a leadership coach, I frequently draw upon Julie’s radical career change to illustrate what redefining your success can look like. Of the courageous women I know, Julie is easy to point to and say, see, you too can reclaim your joy for living. Goal set & met I met Julie when she began dating my brother. At 19, she … [Read more...]

Stop Fixing, Coach

  "The world is awash in fixers,” writes Jill Geisler in her deceptively simple book, Work Happy: What Great Bosses Know. Fixer defined: people bring you problems and you offer solutions. Does this sound familiar in your professional or personal life? It smacked me in the face. I pride myself in being empathetic. I hate seeing someone else painfully struggle. Go ahead and giggle with me, I literally dream of having a magic wand that solves most of the world’s problems. And, truth is, I’m pretty darned great at solving hairy problems. The … [Read more...]

Need Good News? Wonderful Life Project

"First, there are things happening in our world that are of serious concern." --The Wonderful Life Project (banner and website courtesy of Madison Elliot) This is classic Midwestern speak. We excel at understatement in America's Heartland. In Main Street communities like Grand Island, Nebraska (pop >50,000), we've got solid reasons for being concerned. A few of the reasons cited by the Wonderful Life Project: Our most expensive health care condition—depression—is now affecting 10% of the population (19% in the Midwest) and is costing … [Read more...]

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