Mainstreet Women’s Stories: Learning to Speak Out, Stand Up

When I asked Mainstreet Women about speaking out and standing up it wasn't because I’d love to see us all running around unfiltered, saying everything that pops into our minds. Clearly, the world would be a noisier and (even) less civilized place to live in if we did. I expected women to tell me there had been times when they wished they’d spoken up, stood up – that’s human, that’s me too. But from our Main Street perches of tremendous (consumer and citizen) power, within our nation that takes great pride in “free speech,” we’re not … [Read more...]

Mainstreet Women: You Keep My Hope Alive

I love Alicia’s response to “what’s one thing you’re really proud of and wish every girl could experience too?” What I wish for all girls is that they give birth to something new. Whether it is a child, a book, or a business, that’s what we’re here to do. (Alicia, CA) The book I'm writing on real women, Mainstreet Women, is giving birth. It is my way of sharing what women across the nation care about, are proud of, stand for, want political leaders to know, and wish for our country. This blog is a part of the labor (of love) to keep … [Read more...]

Sandy Hook Tragedy: Mainstreet Women Heroines & Moms

I promised you a different blog post today, a breezy holiday piece. In the wake of the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Friday, my heart’s not there. Sandy Hook, population 11,000, looks like many Main Streets in America. Friday's unthinkable tragedy changed that community, those families' lives, forever. Once again, we see images of terror and pain, sorrow and loss, in a town that feels so familiar. It is almost too much to bear, hearing 1st grade teacher Kaitlin Roig recall what the little ones in her class cried, 'I just … [Read more...]

Mainstreet Women: What We’re Proud Of & Wish Every Girl in America Could Experience Too

I want girls to feel fearless and have hopes and dreams that they can change the world in any way they want to. Rather than self-loathing, I want them to have self-love. If so many girls hate themselves, feel fat, don’t like their noses – all those messages they get from the media – if girls could be self-accepting and have self-love as a core, girls could rule the world." Beth, MS As 2012 comes to a close, ask yourself:  What would happen if you made it a priority to share with girls one thing you’re really proud of and want them to … [Read more...]

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