Strategic Impact Consulting

We’re not believers in spending months or more writing a strategic plan that then sits on your shelf gathering dust! Ever had that experience? What did it cost you? What did you gain?

We want you to have the greatest impact, fast. Strategic audits, market research, executive talent assessment and hiring, culture change — we find what’s stopping you from reaching your goals and offer actionable choices.

For inCourage Leading’s Strategic Impact Consulting clients, partnership starts with getting clear on why, whether, and to whom your company, organization or business matters. Together, we’ll start by  answering five questions:

  • What’s different about what does my company/organization/business bring to the world?
  • How does that difference matter?
  • How scarce and difficult to imitate is the difference we bring to the world?
  • Since women will ensure we have greater impact, what are we doing to develop women to lead?
  • Across our company/organization/business, what are we doing today and what will we need to do to matter and make a difference tomorrow?

We’ll employ a co-discovery change process focused on your 5 answers. We’ll look at what’s working well, what you know, what research tells us works, and what you can do right now to promote growth. Together with you, we’ll courageously layout options so that your organization can make a greater difference in the world!

We also specialize in helping you devise and put into action immediately your unique ways to develop women to lead more in your organization, company or small business. Why is developing women to lead important? Research is clear:  when women lead, positive outcomes occur in families, communities, businessness and even countries. (Don’t believe us — love to share the research with you!)

Representative Consulting Engagements:

  • Avero Advisors
  • JAG Consulting
  • Ray Brown & Associates
  • University of Missouri-St. Louis, Center for Character & Citizenship
  • Dr. Kathryn Cramer, The Cramer Institute
  • NWN Corporation
  • Navarro College
  • RNR Consulting
  • Microsoft – Public Sector Consultant Services
  • State of Missouri
  • Stewards of Change
  • Public Works, LLC
  • OMNI Behavioral Health
  • Ministry of Health – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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