Show A Little (Self) Love


A new week is before us, a week of possibilities not just outside us, but inside us too.

Good Choice

Last week, my 4-year old nephew looked up at my Mom and said, “Good choice.” She can’t even remember what the context was, what she recalls is how “good choice” stopped her in her tracks and made her smile.

We’ve been giggling about that all week and saying “good choice” throughout the day to ourselves and to others. It is amazing how uplifting something as simple as stopping and saying “good choice” is!

Don’t Take Yourself for Granted  

Write down: “Today, you will be kind to yourself. You will pause and show yourself kindness by recognizing and acknowledging yourself for little things and big things.”

Make a conscientious decision to not take yourself for granted. Take the time to be your own best friend!

Your reminder note could be as simple as “Today, you’ll stop and say ‘good choice’ when you make one.” Put that note in one of the first places you look every morning, a self-kindness reminder note to YOU.

Launch the Day Differently

Instead of checking Facebook, watching the news, or reading the paper first thing in the morning, launch your day with something that inspires you and makes you feel good about yourself and the world around you.

Write in a journal. Read an inspiring poem, quote or chapter. Look at a gorgeous picture or at something you already possess that is special and beautiful to you.

Have a kind conversation with the people closest to you or a little conversation with yourself about being gentle and loving toward yourself today.

Make time to go outside and feel the wonder and awe that no matter what happens, things keep growing – including you!

Tolstoy said, “Everyone one wants to change the world but no one wants to change himself.” I disagree. We can take a little step toward changing ourselves with more kindness every single day.

Believe me, showing yourself a little more self-love is always a good choice.

Have an awesome week! #PeaceHugs


  1. Donna Allen says:

    This weeks topic was a “good choice”.

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