Mainstreet Women: You Keep My Hope Alive

I love Alicia’s response to “what’s one thing you’re really proud of and wish every girl could experience too?” What I wish for all girls is that they give birth to something new. Whether it is a child, a book, or a business, that’s what we’re here to do. (Alicia, CA)

The book I’m writing on real women, Mainstreet Women, is giving birth. It is my way of sharing what women across the nation care about, are proud of, stand for, want political leaders to know, and wish for our country. This blog is a part of the labor (of love) to keep connected while I work toward honoring Mainstreet Women’s voices, grit and glory, to the best of my ability.


Hearing and sharing Mainstreet Women’s voices with the world is also taking a stand. As our nation’s leaders bicker, wars rage, poverty grows, inequities widen, and with the Sandy Hook tragedy fresh — I look to women to make change happen — to keep my hope alive.

And, putting Mainstreet Women’s voices out in the world is a call to action. No matter what side of the political spectrum you lean, my hope is that these voices change mindsets and catalyze actions – both on personal and the public levels.

Mainstreet Women have made me realize that I need to change too. I am part of the too-quiet majority of women in America who possess almost all the  consumer muscle, and over half the citizen muscle, in our nation. We hold the overwhelming power to change our country. When we choose to exercise those muscles, anything is possible.


Over the holidays, I’ll be taking time off to reflect and write (and sip some eggnog with family and friends too). Since you’ll likely be with loved ones, I have a favor to ask.

Would you be willing to ask others to share their answer to: What’s one thing you’re really proud of and wish every girl in America could experience too?

I’d love to add more voices (58 and counting) to this especially positive and inspiring part of the book. I’m convinced that reflecting on, talking about, and shouting out what we’re proud of and wish our children could experience too will help keep our hope, and theirs, alive. It could birth change too.


As a small thank-you gift to the first 20 people share their answer, I’ll send them 2 copies of the book Guilty Pleasures: Indulgences, Addictions and Obsessions that the Chicago Tribune called: “A one-way ticket to a world of brazen, shameless joy.”

Guilty Pleasures was written by eight Mainstreet Women in St. Louis, these “otherwise good girls” confess to stacks of embarrassing habits and closets full of unmentionable weaknesses: Scheduling Naps, The Ideal Lovers: Shoes, Surrendering to (Cinnamon Roll) Desire, Self-Help Books… Believe me, it is pure fun!


Ask your mother, sister, daughter, daughter-in-law, friend over the age of 18, or like-minded Mainstreet man, to login to this blog post… Click on this link and enter the required information or simply scroll to the bottom of this post. (Please, only U.S. mailing addresses.) I will NOT share anyone’s information, believe me, I hate “junk” mail and random acts of sales too.

I’ll announce the 20 gift “winners” (first names only, just like I do when I quote you) on January 4, 2013.

Option:  Willing to share responses but not ready to read the book? That’s fine! I’ll be grateful no matter how the added content for the Mainstreet Women book is gifted to me. Feel free to simply post to our US Mainstreet Women’s Facebook page or in the comment box below.

Option: If you want to claim the books yourself for getting people to answer the question, simply fill out the form and tell me who posted because you asked them too. I’ll send you the books if you’re one of the first 20!


Mainstreet Women interviewees, and other like-minded souls, you have already given me so much this year since I began this work in October. My heartfelt thank you, thank you, thank you! I couldn’t bear the lonely (writing) labor pains without you.

Much joy and best wishes go out to you and yours throughout the winter holidays. Continued prayers and thoughts go to the families in Sandy Hook, CT.

May the New Year be a healthier, happier year on Main Street, across our nation and the globe.

All my best, Jone

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