Mainstreet Women: What We’re Proud Of & Wish Every Girl in America Could Experience Too

I want girls to feel fearless and have hopes and dreams that they can change the world in any way they want to. Rather than self-loathing, I want them to have self-love. If so many girls hate themselves, feel fat, don’t like their noses – all those messages they get from the media – if girls could be self-accepting and have self-love as a core, girls could rule the world.Beth, MS

As 2012 comes to a close, ask yourself:  What would happen if you made it a priority to share with girls one thing you’re really proud of and want them to experience too? How would you feel if you reflected on your accomplishments every week? (How about on a walk, in a bubble bath, or with female friends?) 

Mainstreet Women don’t readily toot their own horns. Whether it is Main Street modesty or something more (cultural messages that it is NOT okay for us to shout out our accomplishments), voicing wishes for girls was easier. Because most women interviewed also said that girls need more positive role models, this is worth paying attention to. Are you the one role model who will make a difference in a girl’s life?

Here’s an appetizer of some of my favorite quotes from Mainstreet Women and the top two themes from your collective voices. The smorgasbord of remarkable stories will come in the book.


I am proud of the fact that I know my opinion is just as valid as everyone else’s and that is what I want every girl to know too – that their opinion is valid. I’d also wish for young girls to never, never act out of fear. I don’t mean when a saber-tooth tiger is chasing you, then by all means run! I mean emotionally letting fear stop you. Jeannie, NC


At my age and of my generation, I’d say to young girls that there is no obstacle that cannot be overcome. There are no right or wrong answers, there are always directions to choose from. It is our choice to make, no one else’s choice. It if turns our great, hallelujah. If it turns out badly, hallelujah you’ve learned from that and can make the next right decision in the moment. KC, WA


I’m really proud that I’ve been able to support myself and provide some useful service to the world since I was quite young. I’m proud that I’m not dependent on anyone for my subsistence and I have the power to help others if needed. Renata, NE

I’m proud of my military service, sacrifice, and self-sufficiency. That feeling is what I wish for every girl. Lisa, TX

I’m proud that I own my own home and can take care of it myself. Girls need to know that they are capable, that they can take care of themselves. Christina, IN

My success has been from my own blood, sweat and tears. I’ve been recognized as smart and given new opportunities because of it. Education doesn’t have to define you. Showing that you’re smart is really important. Michelle, CO


The thing I am the most proud of is that I never really sought out a man’s approval. Inner strength – I wish every girl had that. Stephanie, GA

I’m proud of being comfortable in my own skin and being able to be who I am. For Lucy, my daughter, and all little girls, I want them not to be constrained by gender roles. I still feel I can do and be anything. Kate, FL

I wish all girls to have a strong sense of self and self-regard. It has taken me six decades to achieve that feeling. I would not want any girl to ever have to live a lifetime before acquiring the feeling of self-worth. Diane, NM

I’m really proud of being physically active and not letting myself be limited by gender. I play pick-up soccer and have for years been the only girl. At first they say ‘she’s cute, she can’t play.’ Then I show them I can. This play for fun is what males have gotten to do – I want girls to be physically skilled and to play for fun too. Ali, HI

I really think of myself as self-made. One thing I’m proud of that I’d want for all girls, all young people really, is that sense of personal independence, a sense of self-worth, so that every girl can do and be and make anything happen. Kate, MN


Friday:   More top Proud of/Wish for themes. What else do you think Mainstreet Women said they are proud of? Were you surprised by the top two themes?

Wednesday, December 19:  I have a HOLIDAY GIFT for you when you get others to answer (to add to the book): What’s one thing you’re proud of and wish every girl could experience too?

All my best, Jone

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  1. I was the first in my family to go go college. I have always been able to take care of myself and overcome the odds that showed up in my path. I always heard my mother’s voice when learning to ride a bicycle- Can’t never did try.

    • Love this, Kathy! Thank you so much for sharing and hope you don’t mind, I posted it to the US Mainstreet Women Facebook page too so that you could inspire more people!

  2. It took some of us way to long to learn to be who we are and not what others want us to be. And way too long to understand that who we are is enough. I want girls to know they are welcome and needed at the table as who they truly are. To tell the truth about their big dreams and know if they pursue them, they have a chance.

    • That is absolutely beautiful, Julie! Very glad that you “got there” — you’re enough! Thank you for sharing this: truth about big dreams!

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