Leadership Development

Growing your greatness requires 5 practices…

#1:  Show Up. How to be present, turn up the volume on your energy and focus so you’re seen as a leader in every situation

#2:  Speak Out. How to use your voice to speak with heart and purpose so that you easily attract others to your product, mission or services

#3:  Stand For.  How to clarify your values so that they shine in everything you do so that no one has to guess what you stand for

#4:  Stay Connected. How to establish your personal board of directors so that you have an ongoing sounding board, support and feedback group

#5:  Secure Wholeness. How to maintain integrity across relationships, especially your relationship with YOU so that self-care is a priority

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It takes courage to step up and lead!

winslow certifiedWe grow greatness of individuals, organizations, teams and Boards. We acknowledge and embrace:  it all starts with self-awareness.

How well do you know yourself? How do others see, hear and experience you? Do your values shine through in all you do? Can you manage your energy and self-care in a way that allows you to do more?

To be a courageous, character-driven leader you’ve got to intentionally grow your greatness.


Leader, know thyself. We’re certified and licensed to use the Winslow Assessment System, a research-based personality and behavioral assessment system proven to catalyze self-awareness and put you on the path to implementing transformational action plans. The assessment identifies strengths and potential areas of derailment.

We measure each individual’s: Individual Assessment

Interpersonal Traits – quality & effectiveness of interactions with family, friends, peers and business associates.

Organizational Traits – ability to organize and control physical, electronic and mental environments.

Dedication Traits – individual’s commitment and dedication to personal and organization’s success.

Self Control Traits – person’s composure, ability to deal with stress and perform in stressful environments.


Group development work is based on a simple premise:  To fulfill their shared mission, the group — organization, team, Board — must work well together. To work well together, individuals need to really know one another.

Using the research-driven assessment system, Jone moves groups to a higher level of leadership cohesion fast by:

  • Identifying the individual and collective strengths (and areas of potential derailment)
  • Catalyzing authentic trust as each member gets the gift of self-reflection and gains an objective picture of the full group’s behavioral/personality traits
  • Igniting effective communication through establishment of a shared language base
  • Empowering the group to move to action faster (each facilitated Board Development Session involves action planning)

One day workshop retreats with organizational/business units, teams and Boards are customized for maximum impact.


As a leader, you know that making a bad hire can cost you — money, time, negative disruption, and even leadership credibility. We want you to make the right hire the first time!
SUCCESS PROFILEWe create a SUCCESS PROFILE for the role you need to fill and assess top applicants. You’ll have objective data that tells you whether the candidate isthe best match for the job. Our assessments are valid as one hiring selection factor — imagine having more than your gut and subjective thinking.

Leadership Coaching Packages for individual Executives and Emerging Leaders are available when professional development is the goal. We’ll have a conversation first about whether this is the best approach for you and your organization.


inCourage Leading’s group active learning sessions are designed to embolden you through self-awareness and a structured growth plan so that courage answers fears any and every time they arise.

Together, we strengthen all your muscles:  character, mind, voice, body!


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