Gratitude Myth-Busting

Women don't live shrinked lives

It takes a lot of courage to be a strong and grateful woman. Myths swirl about both. Strong women are still perceived as difficult or angry, b*tches or worse. Being a kind and grateful women makes you a doormat, a Pollyanna, or just silly. After 15 years of research here’s what Dr. Richard Emmons, the world’s foremost authority on gratitude, says that shatters gratitude myths…

5 Gratitude Myths Busted

  • Myth 1 – Gratitude leads to complacency. Busted: Being grateful doesn’t make you lazy, it gives you a sense of purpose and desire to do more.
  • Myth 2 – Gratitude makes us too self-effacing. Busted: From my observation, when women state they’re grateful it is often perceived by others as weakness. Gratitude is actually associated with a greater sense of personal control over one’s success according to studies on this powerful trait.
  • Myth 3 – Gratitude isn’t possible — or appropriate — in the midst of suffering. Busted: Science suggests we can cultivate or maintain an attitude of gratitude through hard times, and that we’ll be better for it. Even when suffering intensely, keeping a gratitude journal is likely to lift your spirits and connectedness to others which increasing your well-being.
  • Myth 4 – You have to be religious to be grateful. Busted: The new science of gratitude has clearly shown that people can have a grateful disposition even if they’re not religious. What’s more, it’s possible to boost levels of gratitude in people regardless of whether they’re religious.
  • Myth 5 – Gratitude is just a naive form of positive thinking. Busted: When you’re grateful it doesn’t mean you’re free of negative thoughts and emotions. You’re not Pollyanna — go on, get your gratitude courage on!

Excerpt and direct quotes:  Five Myths About Gratitude.

Feeling grateful to be with you each week! What are you most grateful for?


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