Decide What Your Footprint Will Be: Irene Becker


Irene Becker is a thought leader and trailblazer.

Irene’s social media footprint is undeniable: Top 100 Leadership Blogs, Center for Management & Organization Effectiveness; Top 50 Sales Management Blogs-Ducati USA; Top Unknown75 Human Champion-Switch & Shift USA; and too many other “tops” to cite here. Her story and the genesis of her 3Q Edge™ model, Against All Odds, has been read by over 500,000 people. An adept social media champion and strategist, her 3Q Leadership blog and social media channels have a following of 52,000+, of which I gratefully count myself as one.

As the CEO of Just Coach It, she’s heralded as a wise thinker, results-driven coach and inspiring speaker (read what people say about Irene here). Beyond others’ professional accolades, let me simply say that Irene is an unbelievably generous person and a truly fearless female. It’s my pleasure to share her Fearless Females 5Cs.

 Fearless Females 5Cs with Irene Becker
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“Decide what your footprint will be then make the commitment and take the steps necessary to make it real.” -Irene Becker

1. What’s the most courageous decision you’ve made?

I think that all the decisions I made that put my life or career on the edge–decisions that tested my ability to never give up my faith, hope, courage, integrity and humanity–were courageous decisions. It took courage to be “first”: becoming CEO of a steel wire company when there were no women in the field, and becoming the first woman Rotarian in Canada; standing up and speaking my truth in an era where gender discrimination was rife and I was a clearly visible minority; standing up to wrong-doing and injustice on a local level, at the provincial levels where my work helped to change and better two laws (environmental; rights of child victims of abuse); and other decisions that were tough on a number of levels but served the greatest good.

2. What choices are most important to you?  

The choice to always guard my faith, hope, integrity, courage and humanity; choices that reflect that five values that support my 3Q philosophy, my life and my dedication to learning, growing, contributing and serving. Choices that have often been difficult in that they have pointed my life or career in new directions where I had to pioneer my way forward; choices that helped me stretch, grow, evolve, learn and contribute. Choices that helped me learn to use change, challenges, stressors and failures to grow Q1) Focus, strategic thought, ability to execute, Q2) Resiliency, communication/collaboration skills and grit, and Q3) Integrity of purpose, values and spirit; the development of strong intrinsic motivators.

3. What fears have you conquered? 

Gosh! Lots of them, and conquering them has helped me learn how to transform a fear into a channel forblog_rumi_the-fire-withtin optimizing purpose and potential. Fear of failure, fear of loneliness, fear of judgment, fear of being to assertive, fear of not being accepted as a woman in a non-typical profession/industry, fear of those who hold the reins of power, fear of loss of love.

The caveat in conquering a fear is that when you have done it once, you can do it again with another fear. There were so many fears to be conquered on my journey that by age 25, I had made a decision to see the fear, face it and take decisions that were in alignment with my values, my objectives and what would serve the greatest good. Face the fire became my motto at a certain point in time!

4. What conversation made the most impact on you? 

Another difficult question as there many conversations that made an impact on me!  Here are three:

  • Conversation with my late father, Joseph Becker, who taught me the meaning of humanity, courage and taking the high road.
  • Conversations with my sons that taught be so much about the blessing and gift of being a parent and what love really means.
  • An amazing conversation with a beggar that taught me the meaning of courage, faith, humanity.

5. What do you want women to get clear about?  

I think that woman need to get clear about what they really want and the commitments they need to make to reach their objectives. Nothing is easy, and we all have a different role to play in contributing to a better world.

Each role is important, but we cannot contribute our best without being able to decide what our footprint will be and making the commitments and taking the steps that are necessary to make it real. Our ability to nurture, to grow, to collaborate and to also new ways of thinking and doing that will champion a new era of a more androgynous type of leader (an era where typically male or female skills are no longer gender specific and we learn to develop a tableau of skills that make us more effective people, communicators, collaborators and leaders).

Each step forward to build a strong life, strong family, strong organization, business or professional practice is a positive and powerful step forward. We cannot step forward without self-awareness, courage and the commitment to achieving that which we want most.

Gratitude & cheers to the pioneering, courageous Irene Becker! 

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  1. “Face the Fire” is one hot motto, Irene! Powerful interview, Jone. <3

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