Creative Creatures: 5 Questions You Must Answer

Creativity takes courage

Got the creativity gene(s)?

One thing I love about my coaching practice is that I am encircled by highly creative people. Creative Creatures’ minds race daily with terrific ideas for solving problems, bringing joy, igniting beauty, and making the world better for at least one other person, likely more.

Trouble is, many of us don’t know how to convert our limitless creative ideas for books, for businesses, for birthing our amazing ideas into the world in tangible ways. And, without a partner in the process to bolster our courage, we may find our creative ideas fade away.

If your list of creative ideas multiples daily, you’re not alone.

In talking with an extraordinary idea person last week, I realized that my Creative Creatures quick consults (15-20 minutes) revolve around five initial questions. These questions are intended to help Creative Creatures begin to find the balance between creative chaos and the order and structure so  needed to make ideas come to life.

Five Questions To Answer First

What’s your one brightest burning idea?

Nope friend, not your daring dozen today, just one that is really burning in your gut, your heart, your mind. The one, even loose idea that you cannot live without acting upon, that on your death bed you’ll grimace and say “I shoulda…” if you don’t commit to the hard work and hustle it will take to make it happen.

How have you captured that idea?

Sorry sweetheart, if it isn’t written down, recorded, or somehow documented beyond telling me right now, take a moment and reflect upon how much you really value the idea. Get it down somehow, somewhere, right now. Paint it, write it, draw it, type it, record it—get that baby down.

Who is already creating (or has created) something like this?

Yes, you fantastically creative soul, hate to break it to you but there are likely no 100% “new” ideas. That stings, I know. This means you can learn from others who have a similar idea and find out how they successfully brought it into the world. Most importantly, what failed about the idea along their path to success? How can you find out?

Now, don’t take this to mean I’m telling you to imitate others (though our Moms told us that’s the height of flattery), or that because someone else has already done something like your creative idea that you shouldn’t go for it… There is no one like you, you’ll bring new life to it because it is yours, using your unique gifts!

What’s one step you’re willing to take?

Yep, I mean it when I say I love your creativity and need to know before we work together:  Are you willing to take action?

Ouch. As Creative Creatures you have infinite idea-power but unless you’ve got the R & D resources of Apple and can assign your concept to a multi-year team, YOU have to take action. Honestly, I don’t want to invest our time—and your money—if you’re not ready to take action. So what’s your one step?

How will you be accountable? 

It’s often about the homework, honey. Creative Creature, you’re already a student of life, a dream-weaver and a story-maker. It is super important that you have a trusted, reliable accountability partner in this creative-idea-comes-to-life process (whether that is me or someone else).

If you’re willing to share, shine and sharpen up your creative idea each week as “homework,” I’m pretty confident that you’ll successfully move from your beautiful mind to the wide world outside.

Find accountability partner and get them to nail you down: “I’ll do X by Y date.” Without that accountability piece, I suspect your idea will go the wayside of all those other racing creative ideas you get and forget.

Get Your Courage On

Creative Creatures, these first five questions count. Are you ready to focus your courage, energy and creativity on bringing your “it” tangibly to life? I hope so, the world needs you!




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