Stand Up for Yourself: Katarina Andersson

Imagine you live in Florence, Italy. You spend much of your time involved with three things you love: sport, food, and wine. People back home think your life is like being on constant holiday: they wonder when you'll get a 'real' job. That's a snapshot of Dr. Katarina Andersson's life. Sounds amazing, right? Rewind a dozen years, here's how Katarina was feeling: After finishing my Ph.D. in history, I was really at a low point. For a year or two I had no job and didn't really know what to do. My family tried to get me to go back home to … [Read more...]

It Doesn’t Pay To Be Stingy With Praise by Sue Caba

Do you praise your employees five times more often than you criticize them? If not, you’re missing one of the most cost-effective techniques for building employee engagement, increasing profits, improving safety records and lowering absenteeism. Praise, after all, is free. Employees who don’t get enough praise or feel their boss doesn’t listen are 30 percent more likely than other workers to suffer a heart attack and three times more likely to look for another job within a year, according to research by Harvard, Gallup and The Aberdeen … [Read more...]

Leaders Look Back for Inspiration to Go Forward

We read a lot about how leaders--especially women leaders--need to look forward, to hustle, to keep our feet constantly moving to gain greater equality, more success in the future. Today I'm in-couraging you to stop and look back, and to make it a habit to look back frequently. The reason? There are literally hundreds, likely tens of thousands, of extraordinary women leaders in U.S. (and all nations) past. Unfortunately, women weren't included in our textbooks. The National Women's History Museum  can help. Borrowing from the tagline for … [Read more...]

Let Go to Move Forward: Nicole Dominique Le Maire

Let Go to Move Forward Riyadh. Jeddah. Damman. Does the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia seem like a hot spot for women-in-business workshops? Nicole Dominique Le Maire believes they are. She's off to Saudi Arabia soon to facilitate "Be Your Own Boss" sessions for women. Like so many other women fleeing corporate cultures, Nicole let go of the relative (she says "boring") comfort of the corporate world to start her own business, Human Resources Global. Within just two years, Nicole has gained a reputation as a highly valued leader within the … [Read more...]

To Powerful Leader-Sisters: Rules for Life

Last week, I got one of the coolest email I've ever received. So cool, so transformative that I had to pass it along: Dear Jone, I have picked 10 wonderful women in my life who I consider to be powerful leader-sisters out to change their world, love their homes and all who are invited into it and strive to be role-models who inspire a higher effort in everyone. Read this – and remember it. And I give you permission to remind me when I am in the wrong lane. Love to you all C.D. Leader-Sisters' Rules for Life Here's what … [Read more...]

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