Work Thrill is Gone? Apply Love Research

“Sometimes Blues Singer” is included in my @jonebosworth twitter profile. Funnily, this seems to give me as much credibility as my juris doctor degree—maybe more. The Blues is uniquely American, a genre of music that emerged in the 1890s. Blues deeply influenced greats like Elvis, Aretha Franklin, Bob Dylan, and the Rolling Stones. (And me.) Blues' people love painful stories. We love grit and growl and getting it all out there. One of the best parts of my life is singing with Blues bands, sitting out in fields listening to Blues players, or (back-in-the-day) hanging out in dark, smoke-filled bars relishing anyone who plays old Blues standards. The Thrill is Gone If you’re scratching your head wondering where this is leading, I’ve been reflecting on the winter blues and blahs. Our intentions wane; work motivation fades. We tend to thinking about work in the future year, not the present. The work thrill is gone? Even if you're not a Blues music fan you’ve likely heard "The Thrill is Gone," a classic song most famously recorded by B.B. King. The thrill is gone, 
it's gone away from me
. The thrill is gone, baby, 
the thrill is gone away from me. Although, I'll still … [Read more...]

Want to Change? Shake Up Your Perceptions

Conceptual artist Leandro Erlich's work is brilliant and tricky. Like an optical illusion, Erlich's work creates perceptions that fool our eyes and our minds. Above in Batiment, Erlich forces us to fill in the details of something we don’t quite understand with things that we believe we already know. That's the funny thing about perceptions. We blink and assume, we fill in gaps to quickly make sense of life. Why is it so darn hard to change? Because our perceptions are our reality. Your Perceptions are Your  Reality In the 18th century, philosopher Immanual Kant proposed that reality is not an ordered universe waiting to be perceived by the human mind. Instead, Kant theorized that the human mind takes the chaos out there and orders, frames, and structures it into the reality that we perceive. In short, “perception is reality.” As leadership guru Stephen R. Covey points out,“To change ourselves effectively, we first have to change our perceptions.” Let that sink in. To change ourselves, we have to change our perceptions first. This is BIG! This requires preparation. 5 Gentle Shake-Up-Your-Reality Tips To get those change-juices flowing, here are my favorite quotes … [Read more...]

Don’t Remain Silent: Kathy Peterson

As an artist and Interior Designer for 45 years (a Design Educator for 25 of those years), Kathleen Parrish Peterson feels privileged to work with many women and men who pursued her guidance both in the classroom, as well as in their homes and offices, or commercial spaces. But the more women she talked with on a casual basis about abuse in the family, the more she discovered how many women have been victims of abuse. Her goal became helping anyone become more comfortable with the concept of using a qualified therapist to explore familial abuse. Kathy especially wants to encourage women to help heal themselves with the assistance of qualified therapists. She says it is the best thing one can do for oneself, because she's been there and considers herself walking proof of healing through therapy. Fearless Females Forum 5Cs: Kathleen Parrish Peterson 1. What's the most courageous decision you've made? The most courageous decision I made in my lifetime was at age 48. I walked into a therapist’s office to confront my abusive past. I felt as though my world had fallen apart. For the next hour, my life unfolded into the capable hands of an experienced counselor and confidante. … [Read more...]

Creativity Takes Courage

We tend to be happy to leave creativity to the artists, musicians and entertainers of the world but in fact it is vital for each of us. Creativity has been clearly linked to one’s health and happiness but did you also know it has been identified as a key component to leadership success in business? Creativity is not limited to artistic and musical expression—it is also essential for science, math, and even social and emotional intelligence. Creative people are more flexible and better problem solvers, which makes one more able to adapt to technological advances and deal with change—as well as see there multiple solutions to every problem. It is a key to success in nearly everything we do. But creativity is a core skill that some of us non-artist types (like me) need to practice. Here are three things that help me to keep the creative juices flowing. 1. Clear your head Don't think so much. Take a couple minutes each morning to grab some paper and just write-anything- just freehand write, uninhibited, without thinking about it or stopping for five minutes. Then tear it up and throw it away. After a little while I was amazed how much this cleared my mind and ideas just … [Read more...]

Conquer the Fear of Fear: Anne Perschel

Today’s Fearless Female Forum spotlight shines on Dr. Anne Perschel, president and founder of Germane Consulting. Anne is an organizational psychologist and leadership coach with a sub-specialty in women's leadership. Executives who lead company-wide diversity initiatives work with Anne to address cultural issues and unconscious gender bias. She also coaches women (and men) to realize, and enjoy, their greatest potential. Beyond Anne’s educational credentials and the amazing business results she gets with high tech and other corporate clients, she's mastered what being a "Fearless Female" is really about:  conquering the fear of fear. Fearless Females Forum: 5Cs with Dr. Anne Perschel “Fear is your friend, but she cannot lead the way. Get in front." 1. What’s the most courageous decision you've made? Exiting the field of education and entering high tech  Getting married Having a child/becoming a parent Going to graduate school when our son was 2 None of these decisions seemed courageous at the time. Had I really thought them through carefully, weighed the pros and cons, I may not have leaped. Passion for what’s on the other side instigates the leap. … [Read more...]

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