Bring the Love: Amy Markwood

When I think of Amy Markwood the first image that comes to mind is a bursting heartful of love. “Do what you love; Love what you do,” is Amy’s motto. A Vice President of Professional Development for Dale Carnegie, Amy loves developing, designing and delivering customized corporate training. With a M.Ed. in Education and certification in Instructional Systems Design, she’s an award-winning sales consultant and speaker who has worked with top companies addressing business initiatives such as leading change and driving innovation, improving internal communications, and creating a culture of engagement. I got to know Amy through twitter. Cutting through the noise and often harshness voices on the medium, Amy @mascaraboss, stood out for her unfailing positivity. She welcomed me into her twitter “tribe” and later, because part of my background is leading state government child and family services departments, I started paying closer and closer attention to what Amy was up to personally when she shared on Facebook that she and her husband Evan had decided to become licensed foster parents. Today, Amy's love keeps expanding: she and Evan have four children at home, two are foster … [Read more...]

Clarify Your Definition of Success: Joan Bunashe

Does fear of success sometimes stop you? It used to stop Joan Bunashe but it definitely doesn't now. Once Bunashe, "The Optimization Coach," got clear on her own definition of success, fear flew and joy-based choices became her norm. I first met Joan on Twitter. She stood out in the often noisy twitter universe initially because we're both Joans (though I'm J-o-n-e), we both have the initials JMB, and we're both leadership coaches. But its Joan's joy and positivity that truly attracted me: she shines so brightly--in just 140 characters! Joan is a certified professional coach currently based in Southern California. During her 15 years working in Real Estate and Homebuilding in a broad range of roles, Joan was continuously drawn to helping others grow potential and better their lives on the job. Joan holds a B.A. from UCLA in Philosophy and a Minor in Anthropology with an emphasis on socio-cultural fieldwork. She started her own coaching practice in 2010, and is devoted to helping executives optimize their leadership abilities and build thriving teams and cultures. Fearless Females 5Cs with Joan Bunashe "Once I clarified that my definition of success is to help others … [Read more...]

See Yourself As Whole: Dr. Shari Keller

Dr. Shari Keller’s biography has its true beginning in the year 1975 when she made her first trip to the ashram of Avatar Meher Baba with her parents. Meher Baba’s motto, “Master in Servitude” has been her inspiration and guiding principle from that time, and is the operational basis for the company she heads in Jaipur, India—Mehera Shaw. Shari graduated from Pomona College with a double major in pre-med and music, and went on to gain her doctorate in cultural anthropology at the University of Texas, Austin. Along with her husband, Mark, Shari launched the Mehera Shaw brand in 1999, and then went on to found the production company of that same name in 2007. Shari is the mother of three, a home-school teacher, and the Director of both Mehera Shaw Textiles, Jaipur, and the Mehera Shaw Foundation, which is dedicated to artisanal development, the preservation of traditional textile crafts, with a special focus on the advancement of women. Sustainability Leadership & Fair Trade In 2013 India's Consortium of Green Fashion awarded Mehera Shaw Textiles Pvt. Ltd. the sustainability in leadership award. This textile and fashion industry honor is in recognition of Mehera Shaw's … [Read more...]

Be There for One Another: Samira Harnish

An Iraqi teenager, Samira Harnish came to the U.S. because of an arranged marriage. Struggling against bigotry and poverty, she earned a degree in Civil Engineering. After settling in Boise, Idaho, Samira got a job as a semiconductor manufacturing engineer; as a research and development engineer, she was integral to the development some of the most advanced memory products ever assembled. When she retired, Samira was in charge of storage node development at the largest domestic manufacturer of semiconductor memory. For Samira, serving her adopted homeland and her community has always been important. As a member of Women in Engineering, she educated young women in the sciences, assisted the elderly in Meals on Wheels, and interpreted in Arabic within both the courts and healthcare sectors. Lifelong Dream In 2010, Samira fulfilled her lifelong dream by founding a nonprofit organization devoted to assisting women refugees who have suffered mental and physical trauma in war and camps: Women of the World. Located in Utah, WoW's mission is to help women achieve self-sufficiency, and their dreams, in the U.S. Samira calls WoW "my heart on my sleeve." WoW's introductory documentary … [Read more...]

Quit Waiting for Approval: Cindy Hooker

Please tell Cindy Hooker she can't do something. She'll dig deep, learn more, and find the inner strength to push herself. Once a high school drop-out with an uncertain future, Hooker joined the U.S. Navy and became the first in her family to graduate from college. While she says she's struggled with self-confidence--even into adulthood--one thing that almost always boosts her courage: When people have told me not to do something or that I could not do something, I generally do it, and most of the time, I am successful." Today, the Navy veteran holds a master's degree and multiple coaching certifications. Cindy uses her coach training and 20+ years of experience in Human Resources at Gold Dog Consulting. Gold Dog specializes in bringing human-focused solutions to leaders who want truly thriving workplaces. No stranger to difficult situations--Hooker has survived layoffs, leadership ethical breaches, and workplace mayhem--she welcomes the chance to bring her unique empathy to people and companies struggling to overcome tough challenges. In particular, Cindy says she deeply understands it when her clients struggle with self-confidence since she's been there too. "My … [Read more...]

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