Bring the Love: Amy Markwood

When I think of Amy Markwood the first image that comes to mind is a bursting heartful of love.

“Do what you love; Love what you do,” is Amy’s motto. A Vice President of Professional Development for Dale Carnegie, Amy loves developing, designing and delivering customized corporate training. With a M.Ed. in Education and certification in Instructional Systems Design, she’s an award-winning sales consultant and speaker who has worked with top companies addressing business initiatives such as leading change and driving innovation, improving internal communications, and creating a culture of engagement.

I got to know Amy through twitter. Cutting through the noise and often harshness voices on the medium, Amy @mascaraboss, stood out for her unfailing positivity. She welcomed me into her twitter “tribe” and later, because part of my background is leading state government child and family services departments, I started paying closer and closer attention to what Amy was up to personally when she shared on Facebook that she and her husband Evan had decided to become licensed foster parents.

Today, Amy’s love keeps expanding: she and Evan have four children at home, two are foster children temporarily in their care. From rescuing animals to singing with her church’s worship team, Amy brings the love to all she does. Also passionate about health and fitness, Amy’s a newly minted entrepreneur who will tell you that her mission is to heal the world. My own experience of Amy tells me that joining her tribe via twitter or Facebook means you’re “in” her family—a positive and encouraging place to be!

Fearless Females Forum 5Cs with Amy Markwood

  1. What is the most courageous decision you’ve ever made?

The most courageous decision I ever made was getting married for the third time. I swore I’d never get married again unless Jesus himself came down on a cloud and said, “He is the one!” but I took a chance on Evan from heaven. It was a courageous decision because he wouldn’t have sex with me unless we were married, and I didn’t know how he would be in bed for the rest of my life. We got married and didn’t even have a reception, we went straight home, and it’s been 13 years of pure bliss with this man. He’s also given me two children and I was told I could never have them.

  1. What choices are most important to you?

The most important choices to me are how I’m going to spend my time, how I’m going to show up in the world, and how I’m going to treat people. I focus on my attitude, living with integrity, and blessing others. I also care about my health and wellness and being a good role model for my children.

  1. What fears have you conquered?

I used to be deathly afraid of needles and shots. When I was pregnant and considered high-risk I became a pin cushion and then developed diabetes. I had to prick my finger constantly and even give myself daily injections. It truly was hell for a while but then I started to make my health and wellness a priority. I lost 60 pounds in six months and I’m not even considered a diabetic anymore.

  1. What conversation made the most impact on you?

When I was a senior in high school I took an advanced English course for college credit. We had a report due and I waited until the last second to print it out, and then something happened with the word processor and I had to go to class without it. My teacher looked at me and simply said, “There are no excuses.”  It was an aha moment for me, and I realized she was right.

  1. What do you want women to be clear about?

I love women and encouraging women and I believe we rise by lifting others. My one wish for women is for them to see how BEAUTIFUL they are, inside and out, and to realize how amazingly PRECIOUS they are! I want them all to stand up, speak out, and be counted because when we’re confident about our worth and value: we’re an unstoppable force.

 #Grateful to Amy for sharing herstory as the 25th Fearless Females Forum feature. She’s bringing the love and reminds us that we can too!

Fearless Females Forum is a monthly showcase for inspiring women who found the courage to meet their calling, solve a problem, or take a road less travelled.

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